For Emberli and David Pridham, bedtime with their children – as with families everywhere – has meant storybook reading time. But recently, the family that has been reading children’s books together has become the family that is now writing them together.

It all began when dad David Pridham brought his work home with him and convinced mom Emberli that what he does for a living would make for a compelling series of books for children. David is the founder and CEO of the Dominion Harbor Group, the country’s leading patent licensing company. The company is sought after by top inventors worldwide to manage, protect, and license their patent portfolios to corporate clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. David’s company represents several of today’s most significant technological breakthroughs, making these innovative patents available to businesses eager to incorporate them into their own operations.

David sketched out a book series to Emberli that introduced the world of inventors and inventions to growing children. The series would feature a family – patterned after their own – where inquisitive siblings followed their curiosity and creativity to design and develop their own inventions, all aimed at helping their community. Writing the first 5 books as a husband-wife team, the award-winning and critically acclaimed “If Not You, Then Who?” book series has become one of Amazon’s top-selling titles in its popular Inventions and Inventors children’s category. Each of the If Not You, Then Who? books feature 9-year-old Brooke Fairley and her 7-year-old brother Noah as they apply their vivid imaginations to create their own inventions, all the while exploring how Inventors solve everyday problems.  The If Not You, Then Who? books also introduce young readers to grown-up themes such as the need to protect original ideas, which co-author David Pridham regards as essential for children to begin to understand and appreciate.

In Books #1-5, the fictional Fairley family uses their imaginations to create inventions that include helping the local environment, designing an entirely new sport, and coming up with a solution to protect their treehouse from a pending storm.

Volume 1 of the book series, The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas, introduces Brooke Fairley, an inquisitive girl with a passion for inventing.  Inspired by her grandfather and their mutual delight in how inventions come to be discovered, Brooke looks for ways to improve the world around her and joyfully sets out to imagine her own.  In Volume 2 Noah’s Treehouse, it’s Treehouse Day for Noah his Dad and Grandpa as the family rallies around the siblings to build their dream treehouse.  But the family runs into one problem after another – as they race to complete the treehouse before an expected meteor shower arrives.  They turn to innovation and invention to solve their dilemma and save the day. Let the Games Begin!, Volume 3 of the book series, spotlights siblings Brooke, Noah and Baby Graham as they try to choose whether to play basketball, croquet, golf, or all three.  Soon, the brother and sister decide to use their creativity to invent their own game – and in the process learn about the inventions that help make sports safe and fun for everyone. The fourth If Not You, Then Who? installment follows Noah and Brooke as they enter a school science fair – and Noah’s conservation invention becomes a  competition finalist.  As a result of the science fair, the Fairleys are inspired to adopt all of the finalists’ pro-environmental ideas such as a rain capture device for watering their garden and solar panels as a safe energy alternative. Book #5 is the If Not You, Then Who Christmas Book, where the Fairleys decorate the tree, hang lights, watch Christmas movies – and begin a brand-new family tradition…building their own ice rink!

Then comes Book #6, as co-authors David and Emberli were joined by their 8-year-old daughter Brooke. Noah (age 7) and Graham (age 4) also lent their helping hands and valued opinions as the Pridham family co-wrote “If Not You, Then Who? Weekend With a Fashionista,” where the Fairley family discovers the historic inventions behind the items we wear today.

Each book in the “If Not You, Then Who?” series shares how inventors can come from anywhere, how inventions solve everyday problems, and how many of our most enduring inventions were created by accident. “As children read the ‘If Not You, Then Who?’ books, they will discover why they should aspire to invent and how inventors take note of the problems people face in their daily lives and help solve them through creativity and innovation. Through the book series, children will be inspired to embark on their own journey of invention and work to help build a better world,” said David.

Learning about inventions in the past and understanding the process that inventors go through to develop their inventions helps young readers become critical thinkers and problem-solvers. To further expand the educational mission of the book series, the Pridhams launched the Young Inventors Club website that aligns the books with Next Generation Science Standards. The website shares topics such as how inventors excel at identifying and framing problems, seeing problems from different angles and perspectives, enlisting the help and perspective of others, creating prototypes from readily available materials, and finding the best ways to communicate their inventions to the world.

The Young Inventors Club provides fun and informative downloadable features on history’s greatest inventors, how to identify and research problems, invent solutions, and lots of interactive games and promotions that help reinforce the innovation skills acquired by reading the “If Not You, Then Who?” books.

“It is imperative that children are prepared for the future, and learning the process of inventing does just that. By learning about past inventions and applying the skills involved, they will be positioned to have the confidence to create their future. Plus…the bonus is that inventing offers fun and engaging hands-on project-based learning for children of all ages,” observes Emberli.

The Pridhams have recently become residents of New England, having moved from Dallas over the holiday season. “New England is wonderful, and we look forward to experiencing all four seasons! My husband David is also from Rhode Island, and we have enjoyed a summer home here in New England – but now we are thrilled to be full-time residents.”

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