In 250 words or less, kids had a chance to share what they love most about their moms. We received so many wonderful submissions – thanks to everyone who participated!

The winner of the “Why My Mom Rocks” essay contest is Rebecca, who wrote about her mom, Amy, below. We’ll be sending Amy to the Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa in Woburn for a day of beauty. 

Grand Prize Winner

Mom: Amy Lopez

Submitted by: Rebecca, Age 11

I met my mom (Amy) at a park, never knowing she would one day be my mom. I was at the park visiting my siblings when my brother’s social worker introduced me to his pre-adoptive mom. It was a quick “hello” as I ran off to play with my sister, whom my parents were also trying to adopt. Two years later when I was only 9, my birth dad passed away. My social worker called Amy that morning. She told her what had happened and before she could even ask my mom said “yes!” With only a few hours to prepare my mom had made my new home as welcoming as she could. She bought food she knew I would like and a stuffed animal I still sleep with every night.

I now live with my younger brother and we are getting adopted this summer! Sadly my younger sister was not able to live here but we get to visit her. In the time I have been with my forever family I have learned so much. My mom has taught me how to help take care of my brother. He has a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. She is very busy with all his medical needs and is still able to care for me too. She cleans the house, helps me with my homework, cooks us meals and so much more! This doesn’t even begin to tell you how awesome she is – this is why my mom rocks!

Here are more honorable mentions from our “Why My Mom Rocks” essay contest. 

Mom: Melissa

Submitted by: Mia, Age 11

My mom rocks because she cares about me and loves me with all her heart. Also my mom is BO$$. My mom brings me to school and cares for my brother, sister and me. My mom cooks for us and bakes yummy treats. … My mom also rocks because she does fun projects like planting flowers and doing hand and feet paintings. Also she rocks because she buys me food and lets me sleepover friends houses. When i have good grades then she buys me anything I want. My mom is kind, sweet, caring.

Mom: Tammy Jones

Submitted by: Nicky, Age 8

My mom rocks because no matter what, even if I am driving her crazy, she puts me first. She is there every day to help me with my homework and get me organized. My mom drives me to my hockey games and practices. Not that we love her cooking but she tries. She has three boys to take care of and dad. She also works with kids so she never gets a break. I love her.

Mom: Jessica Moure

Submitted by: Joselyn, Age 10

What I love most about my mom is that she’s always there for me and my brothers. She’s always there for my brother too – hospitals, therapies – and never gives up on him. My mom is also in college studying to be a nurse. My mom always puts us first. I love my mommy very much.

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Mom: Poorna Piratla

Submitted by: Srivishnu, Age 10

There are many reasons why my mom rocks. My mom cooks for us, she protects us and best of all she plays with us. She does so much for us but she doesn’t get anything in return. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

First of all, mothers cook various varieties of specialty dishes for us. Our fathers work and earn money for the family but our moms are supposed to cook. They usually have all day to cook but my mom works too. Even after she works, she still comes home and cooks dinner for us. She prepares our breakfast and lunch in the morning.

Secondly our moms protect us. When we are about to do something bad, they stop us for our own safety.

Not only do moms protect us but they also play with us. I wake up every day, walk over to my mom’s room and jump on her. She wakes up and tickles me. It is a great way to start my day

My mom rocks a lot. It doesn’t go unnoticed. She cooks, plays and protects us. I wouldn’t know what to do without my mom. Thank you mom, I love you!