1. Screen Time: I will limit time in front of the TV and will try to spend less time playing video games. Instead, I’ll spend more time outdoors playing with my siblings and/or friends.

2. Safety First: I will always wear a helmet when I ride my bike, and will wear my seatbelt in the car.

3. Be Kind: I will be kind to all kids that I meet, as well as treat my sibling(s) with respect.

4. Homework & Study Success: I will do the best I can in school. I will participate in class and will do my homework as early in the day as possible.

5. Stay Organized: I will keep my room clean and my bed made. I will keep my backpack cleaned up and organized

6. Chores: I will help out around the house, dusting, vacuuming, and setting and cleaning off the table.

7. Share: I will share my toys with my siblings.

8. Listen: I will listen to my Mom, Dad or caregiver.

9. Keep Things Private: I will not give out personal information to people I do not know. I’ll also earn my friends’ trust by not gossiping about their secrets.

10. Be Healthy: I will drink milk and water and will try to limit my soda and sugar drinks. I’ll also limit the amount of candy I consume and replace it with healthy snacks like veggie sticks and hummus.

If your child is looking to make a New Year’s resolution, encourage him or her to follow one (or all!) of the resolutions mentioned here.