The party: What type of performer is right for your event? Whether it is a birthday party or a kids’ Halloween party, think about what kind of performance will fit the party theme.

Consider the kids: Think about the different ages of the children. If the kids are really young they may not be interested in a performer suitable for older children, and vice versa. Talk to the performer to find out what ages his or her performance is best suited for.

Research your options: Check out references online and read reviews. It may give you the right information that you are looking for.

Start early: Once you find the right entertainer, you may find out that they are unavailable the day of your party. Starting early and booking early will help you get your first choice of entertainers!

Get quotes: Call several entertainers instead of just one. Each entertainer may be similar but they may offer different prices and different activities.

Weigh your options: Consider what you are getting for the price. It’s tempting to go for the cheapest but consider all of the research you have done and decide on the quality and reviews of the entertainer.

Sign a contract: Set up a contract with the entertainer with all of the details. This will ensure that the entertainer shows up on the right day and will do exactly what you want the day of the party.

Backup plan: Have a backup plan just in case the entertainer falls through. You don’t want to be left in a panic the day of the party.

Prepare the party space: If the party entertainer is planning to show up early, make sure the space is ready when they arrive. Check beforehand to see if you have to supply anything for the entertainer.

Enjoy: The party is finally here and your perfect entertainer has showed up. All you can do now is sit back, take lots of photos and video, and enjoy!