Planning a birthday party for your kids can be a fun yet overwhelming task – there are so many fun themes to pick from it can be hard to choose one. Take a look at the list below of popular birthday themes and ideas, then get to planning! And be sure to check out our website for even more party planning ideas and our Pinterest page at!

Robot Birthday Party Theme

A robot theme party is perfect for kids who love to get creative with cardboard boxes! Grab some cardboard boxes and aluminum foil and the kids will be busy for hours! Play robot games such as robot running race or a robot dance party.  Don’t forget to decorate with silver and metallic streamers, balloons and more!

Pirate Birthday Party Theme

Pirate parties are a classic! Send out parchment paper scroll invitations to invite your fellow pirates over for a fun birthday party! Be sure the party goers know to dress up in costumers, whether they have a full costume or even just an eye patch and a hat. Keep the pirates busy with fun games like pin the patch on the pirate, walk the plank or even a message in a bottle treasure hunt.

Star Wars Birthday Party Theme

Who doesn’t want to have a Star Wars themed party this year? Create your own light sabers out of pool noodles and duct tape for each partygoer to use doing their light saber training! Have the kids dress up before the party and take fun photos on a space backdrop to take home!  If you are looking for a fun way to turn your cupcakes into Storm troopers, put marshmallows on top of white frosted cupcakes and use black frosting or an edible marker to draw the face details on each one! For Star Wars party ideas and games for kids, click here.

The Avengers Birthday Party Theme

If you have a little superhero at home, an Avengers birthday party is the perfect theme for you! Let Iron Man, Captain American and the rest of the team takeover for the day! Have your little superhero send out personalized invites to their favorite friends and be sure to let them know to come dressed up as their favorite characters.  Be sure to play Avenger themed games and send them home with a goodie bag full of superhero necessities! For Marvel Avengers party ideas and games for kids, click here.

Frozen Birthday Party Theme

Has your daughter been watching Frozen over and over again? It’s time for a Frozen birthday party! Dress the birthday Princess in Elsa’s costume and set up a winter wonderland with DIY streamers and decorations. Be sure to send out Frozen themed invitations or make your own beautiful snowflake invitations and ask the party goers to come as their favorite Frozen character.  Put on the soundtrack and start a dancing and singing competition! Add a Frozen menu of icy treats, Ice Castle Frozen Cake and other delicious Frozen party treats! For Frozen birthday party ideas and games, click here.

Lego Birthday Party Theme

Legos are always a favorite!  Why not throw a Lego themed birthday party for your child who loves to build? Be sure that each guest gets the full Lego experience by creating games and activities that have them building all kinds of creations. Get creative by making Lego decorations and even baking a Lego shaped cake. For Lego party ideas and games, click here.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Theme

Hello Kitty has been a popular birthday theme for years!  When planning a Hello Kitty party, think of all things pink, purple, white and black! From the cake to the decorations, you will definitely have fun planning this birthday party! Get creative with games by playing pin the bow on the kitty, hitting the Piñata and more!

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Harry Potter Birthday Party Theme

Having a Harry Potter birthday party has to include the sorting hat and fun magic games!  Send out invitations to friends that look like letters of acceptance to Hogwarts. When the guests come for the party, have them enter the home the same way they would enter Platform 9 & ¾. Don’t forget to give everyone their own wand and play pin the glasses on Harry! For Harry Potter party ideas and games, click here.