Be extra thankful this year with fun Thanksgiving Day crafts for kids!

Pine Cone Turkeys: These turkeys are super simple to make but the results will make kids look like expert crafters. First, you need to find the perfect pine cone outside. Once you have the pine cone add feathers to the back. You can either use real craft feathers or make colored construction paper into strips for the feathers. Once you glue on those, glue on some googly eyes and a construction paper beak to the front.

Pumpkin Pie Thankful Spinner: Create a fun way to say thank you with a homemade spinner. Take a paper plate and to make it look more like a pumpkin pie, paint the rim a beige color. Next, glue a circular piece of orange construction paper to the center. Cut a slice out of the plate the same shape as you would cut a piece of pie. Take a second paper plate, put it underneath and fasten the two together with a brad clip. On the bottom plate, in the slice space, have your family write things they are thankful for so that each time someone spins the top plate; there is a different item. On the top plate they can write “Things I am thankful for.”

Napkin Holders: If you’re having Thanksgiving dinner at your house, your kids can help with decorating the table. Your guests will be impressed with homemade, unique napkin holders. Glue together wood craft sticks sticks so that they form a circle where the napkin can fit through. To decorate the wood craft stick holder, glue on some buttons and beads!

Mason Jar Candles: Light up the night. Children can collect their favorite fall leaves outside. Adhere them to the jar with modge podge. Put a tea light in the jar. That’s it! Use these to light your house up from outside or even on your dinner table.

Pretzel Turkeys: Not only are these really cute but they are also so yummy! Start by spreading on chocolate frosting to the pretzel to act as glue. Next, stick on some candy corns for the feathers. Add a peanut butter chip for the face and dots of frosting as the eyes with a toothpick.

Grateful Guests Garland: Guests can get involved with this decorative craft. Draw and cut leaves out of construction paper or download a template online to guide you. Make enough leaves so each guest has one. To make the leaves look more realistic, spray them lightly with water, crumple them loosely, un-crumple them and let them dry completely. When guests arrive, pass them out so they can each right what they are thankful for on them. Tape the leaves to a piece of string or yarn so that you can display them like garland.

Paper Bag Turkeys: Make fun puppets out of paper bags! The front and face of the turkey will be the bottom flap, so plan accordingly. Attach streamer or tissue paper feathers with tape or glue behind the head. Attach googly eyes, a paper beak and paper gobble to the face. The rest of the bag can be decorated however you choose. For little arms, you may need to cut the bag a bit.

Hand and Foot Turkeys: For this project, kids will be excited to get messy with paint. For the body of the turkey, have your child dunk his foot in brown paint. Next, he will have to step on paper to make a footprint. For the feathers, use different paint colors like red, yellow and orange for him to dunk his hands into. He can place each hand on each side of the heel of the brown foot. Glue on eyes, a beak and a gobble with colored paper.

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Jennifer Hanrahan is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.