If you’re planning a superhero-themed birthday party for your child, here are some suggestions to show off your creative super powers!

Comic Book Cones – Create comic book cones using comic book pages. The cones can hold any kind of snack – popcorn, Cheetos, etc.

Mini Heroes – Make mini heroes out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Use frosting to draw on a mask and use paper or edible fondant to create a cape.

Dress up – Create no sew capes and tutus for the kids to dress up as their favorite superhero.

Super Power  – Leave out little cups of M&M’s or similar size candy so the kids can get a boost on their superhero skills.

Superhero Bingo – Create a Superhero bingo sheet with different superheroes and accessories. Use superhero figurines or colorful candy as bingo pieces.

Decorate – Decorate according to the theme you picked. Use colorful balloons, comic book pages and don’t forget to create cities.

Invitations – Get creative with your invitation. Create a mock newspaper calling for all superheroes to attend your child’s party.

Joker Juice – Create a signature punch or juice for the kids to have a special drink during the party.

Cupcakes – Have superhero cupcakes by using comic strip cut outs for cupcake toppers.

Kryptonite – Leave out green rock candy and label it as kryptonite for the kids to treat themselves during or after the party.

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