STEAM Summer Camps – 5 Reasons to Consider this Summer

Summer camp provide an environment in which encourages children to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, action-takers, and global citizens. Children can begin putting the real-world pieces together that they have learned throughout the school year and start applying those principles in a fun and engaging manner during summer. A STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) approach summer camp allows your child to explore different areas of study and provides them with an understanding of how each subject is connected. Here are five reasons why you should consider a STEAM focused summer camp for your child.

  1. Encourages Learning During Summer

The dreaded “summer learning lose” has plagued classroom teachers for decades, and often contributes to wasted instructional time come Fall. A growing body of research indicates that summer programs can help students retain and build upon their learning from the previous year, especially if those programs are specifically aimed at enrichment. Camps that focus on arts and science enrichment offer a powerful combination of interactive, individualized instruction to provide children with an opportunity for focused reading, practical mathematics, as well as the lively interaction that children crave when school is out for the summer.

  1. Spark an Interest in Science

Summer is a great time to encourage your children to pursue new interests that they may not normally be attracted to, including the sciences. A study of high school and university age students enrolled in a summer science internship program revealed that the majority of the students reported extracurricular exposure to the STEAM fields had encouraged their interest in science.

Actively applying science concepts outside of the classroom seems to have a lasting effect on children, and summer camp is a great place for them to start exploring in a fun, supportive environment.

  1. Introduces Career Opportunities Early On

While summer camp may seem like the last place that children should be thinking about their career goals, it’s never too early to give them enrichment experiences in the STEAM fields to ignite the kind of curiosity that often leads to a fulfilling and meaningful work life. A two year study of middle school students across the country revealed that “students who once participated in science summer camps were more likely to later report a career interest in the science and engineering fields”. It’s clear that enrolling your child in a STEAM focused camp is an ideal way to provide them more options as they start considering their path through high school, college, and beyond.

  1. Children Experience Academic Success in a Low Pressure Setting

Summer camp can be a nice way for children to experience the joy of academic achievement in a more supportive, low stakes environment. A few weeks at camp can give your child the chance to feel safer and more supported while learning, which can, in turn, lead them to feel more confident and take on greater academic challenges once the school year resumes in fall.

  1. Mixing Arts & Science is just plain fun & more!

Quality arts instruction, especially when coupled with the sciences, gives children the opportunity to play, create, and learn in non- traditional ways that emphasize individual expression as well as real- world collaboration skills. Giving children the opportunity to learn how to create 3D drawings or movies isn’t just fun, it encourages children to use their “big picture” visioning skills to imagine new possibilities and outcomes.

STEAM summer camps offer children the chance to learn, grow, and explore new modes of thinking and doing. A STEAM summer program can not only boost academic performance during the school year, it can also build confidence, creativity, resiliency, and ideally, will be fun!