Many parents gather to cheer on their favorite team with kids in tow. Keep those kids happily interested in the game or otherwise entertained with fun sports party ideas.

Make special snacks for your young guests. Check out for some awesome ideas!

Set up a table with basketball-, baseball-, hockey- or football-related crafts. Perhaps make paper megaphones, tissue paper pom-poms or team t-shirts with the names of the kids’ favorite teams and players. Decorate the megaphones with football stickers, crayons and markers.

Be aware of little ears during the broadcast. Live TV brings surprises, such as unexpected outbursts from zealous fans.

While the kids watch the game, divide them into teams and hold a cheering competition using their megaphones, pom-poms and shirts. First- and second-place teams get a prize!

You and your kids will have a blast rooting for your favorite team as you enjoy these fun sports party ideas for game day!