Pin the Spider on the Web:  It’s just like pin the tail on the donkey game. See who can get the closest to pinning the spider on the web. The winner gets a special prize.

Web Spinning:  Let the children create their own webs with red paper plates and black wool.

Web Jumping : This is based off of the fun game musical chairs. Instead of having chairs, make mats that look like webs. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and can easily be made with construction paper. Follow the same guidelines as musical chairs and give the special winner a prize.

Birthday Spider-Man: Have the birthday girl or boy dress up in a Spider-Man costume. You can also tell guests to dress up as Spider-Man, too.

Graduate Spider School : When the party is just about over, give each child a certificate for graduating spider school. They have learned all of the spider senses and they are now an honorable Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Cookies : Create sugar cookies to look like the face of Spiderman.  Use different color frosting for the face, web and eyes.

Decorations: Don’t forget to decorate! This will bring the whole party theme together. Place different webs around your house, available online or if planning a party around Halloween you can find them at costume stores. Create city backdrops and place them behind the gift area or behind snack tables.  Place Spider-Man balloons around the party rooms, either keeping with his colors or finding balloons with pictures of Spider-Man on them. Cover your table with white paper and draw Spider-Man on it, or have the guests draw Spider-Man.

Invitations: Get creative! Create invitations that are designed to look like Spider-Man’s face or a web.

The Cake: Create or purchase a cake to look like Spider-Man. You can also bake cupcakes and create a cupcake cake to look like Spider-Man’s Face. Frost the cupcakes in red frosting and place them together in the correct shape. Use black and white frosting to create the eyes and a web.

Birthday Spider-Man Shirt: Buy a Spider-Man shirt for the birthday boy or girl and have all the guests sign it for a birthday keepsake.

Spider Effect:  Place spiders all throughout the house. You can place them on webs or even in snacks.

Goody Bags: Create fun Spider-Man goody bags to give to the kids when leaving. Make sure you put treats and toys in that only Spider-Man would love!

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