Make the best of this frigid weather by planning a sledding party for your kids! All you need is the perfect hill and a fresh batch of snow.  Bundle up and grab your friends for afternoon sledding on a snowy day.

Sledding Birthday Party Invitations

Whether you are purchasing invitations or creating them on your own, stick with the sledding theme! Snowflakes or sleds make for a really cute invitation.  Cut out small snowflakes and stuff the envelope with “snow.” Be sure to tell the kids on the invitation to bring another set of clothes to change into after sledding.

Sledding Birthday Party Snacks

Set up a snack table outside near the hill or at a picnic table at the park. Dress the table with a flannel tablecloth to add a touch of panache (and warmth) to the party. Easy snack foods such as popcorn and pretzels are perfect for eating outside.

If there are no tables around and you have an SUV, open up your trunk and turn it into a snack table! Put down a tablecloth for easier cleanup.

Sledding Birthday Party Hot Chocolate Bar

After a cold day outside, there is nothing better than a warm cup of hot chocolate. Create a hot cocoa bar outside near the party with thermoses of the sweet stuff to keep the kids warm. Add different toppings so everyone can get creative to achieve the perfect cup of cocoa.

Be sure to use to-go coffee cups for the kids to drink their hot chocolate. Having lids on them will help prevent spilling. Write each child’s name on their cup to avoid mix-ups! 

Sledding Birthday Party “Melted Snow” Water Bottles

Keep the kids hydrated! Have bottles of “melted snow” (aka water) on hand. Create your own label and attach them to the water bottle.  It’s a fun way to make everyday water part of your sledding theme.

Sledding Birthday Party Desserts

Create the perfect snow cupcake. Make your child’s favorite flavor of cake and top it with white chocolate or vanilla frosting and shredded coconut. It will give the cupcakes that wintery snow feeling.

Dip candy canes into your favorite chocolate and let them dry. They are the perfect dessert to eat outside mess-free. They also go great in hot chocolate!

Sledding Birthday Party Favors

Mittens make a perfect sledding party favor. It also ensures that every child will have a pair while sledding! Fill the mittens up with Hershey kisses or any kind of small candy.

You can skip the favor entirely and buy sleds for all of the kids! It’s an easy way to give the kids a fun toy for the winter and they will have a blast during the party. You can buy plastic sleds at discount stores.

Sledding Birthday Party Games

If the kids start to get a little bored with sledding, challenge them to a snowman contest. Whoever gets the most creative with their snowman wins a special prize! You can also split into teams and do a sledding relay race. The first team to get all of their team members down the hill and back up to the start wins!

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