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8 reviews
  • Delina

    Highly Recommended
    Tender Loving Care Childcare Center is a wonderful facility that provides excellent child care. Attentive, caring, patient, affordable and professional – all the qualities parents look for when in need for the perfect childcare. I highly recommend Tender Loving Care Childcare Centers located in Weston and Woburn Massachusetts!!!

  • Michelle A.

    What can I say that has not been said already. TLC is just amazing! There is no turnaround with teachers and you will see the same, loving, nurturing, happy caregivers everyday. My 2 yr old is there because I wanted her to have the same experience her older sister did. Teachers are very communicative with parents making every day that much easier for us busy working parents. The owner is onsite a few days of the week which speaks for itself. She is very involved in the everyday care for the children and families of her centers! I

  • Margie

    Tender Loving Care is everything a wonderful childcare center should be. Teachers are smart, thoughtful, considerate, ambitious and DEDICATED to the well being of every single child in the center. Every teacher goes above and beyond to ensure that every child is happy, stimulated and challenged! No where else have I seen a childcare that meets these standards.

  • April Parrella

    Child care worker
    If your looking for a loving, caring, affordable daycare I strongly recommend Tender Love and Care Daycare.

  • Tanya

    Best Childcare center in Massachusetts
    I have to say hands down this is the best childcare center in Massachusetts!!! The teachers and staff are incredible I wouldn’t have my children go anywhere else!!!!

  • Ann Burke

    I am a grandmother of a previous children who attended Tender Loving Care. The staff is great! I highly recommend sending your children there. If you are looking for childcare please consider having a visit.


    Just love them!

  • Elizabeth Calore

    Just like Family!!
    Tender Loving Care Childcare Centers are more than a Day Care. The loving Staff is like Family. I feel secure in knowing when I drop my daughter off that she will be cared for as if she were at home with a family member!! I know that my child is being cared for in a nurturing environment and by a well educated staff. The teachers are a group of AMAZING people who have dedicated their lives to caring for children and it shows. They are not just teachers, THEY ARE FAMILY!!

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