Celebrate National Robotics Week (April 6-14) and Earth Day (April 22) with this fun-to-make robot made from a box straight from your recycling bin! This recycled robot craft from lakeshorelearning.com is great for kids ages 5 to 10.

What You’ll Need: 

• Empty food boxes from your recycling (various sizes)

• Colored foil sheets

• Wiggly eyes

• Pipe stems

• Glue

• Glitter painters

• Construction paper

• Scissors

• Buttons, beads, gems or other collage-type materials

Here’s How:

1. Have your child select an empty box from your recycling to use for the robot.

2. Cover the front, back, top and sides of the box by gluing on the colored foil sheets. Younger children may need help with this step.

3. Decorate the robot in a style of your choosing, using glitter painters, construction paper cut into shapes, wiggly eyes, buttons, beads, gems and other materials.

4. Glue the pipe stems to the top of the box for the robot’s antennae and to the bottom of the box for legs.

5. Your robot is ready for work and play.

When you’re finished with your robot, check out these books with your child: The Robot Book by Heather Brown (Accord Publishing, 2013) and Robots, Robots Everywhere! by Sue Fliess (Golden Books, 2013).