Whether you’re following a Disney story or a traditional fairytale, princesses always have the spotlight on them! Make your princess feel special on her birthday by turning your party venue into the perfect Magic Kingdom with these princess-themed party ideas! Dragon not included.

Invitations: You can make princess party invitations from almost anything princess related! Some ideas include shaping your princess invitations like tiaras, dresses, shoes or even as princesses from fairy tales! You could also go for simple, colored invitations with a fancy font. Check out the link to our Pinterest board below for more ideas!

Magic wands: Create your own princess party magic wands by skewering different kinds of yellow, pink and red fruit. Include cherries, strawberries, pineapples, mango and apples. Use a star-shaped cookie cutter for an authentic looking princess wand.

Fairy dust: Use food coloring to turn white chocolate pink, then drizzle the chocolate over popcorn. Sprinkle edible glitter over the popcorn, and serve your own fairy dust to princess party guests!

Princess finger sandwiches: You can never go wrong with a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich or cream cheese and jelly sandwich for your party. But why not dress it up for your princess party? Use cookie cutters in the shape of a tiara or a shoe to upgrade your typical sandwich into something creative and unique.

Princess hair: Create a princess hairstyling station complete with hair accessories and jewels. Have an adult or even the kids create princess updos.

Interactive princesses: There are companies you can book for your party that will send you your very own princess! They will have an actress come dressed as a princess, ranging from Disney princesses such as Ariel or Belle, to princesses dressed in medieval or Renaissance clothing. These character actresses will spend the day with princess party guests, acting in character and amusing them with songs and games. Looking for something cheaper? Try having an adult dress up as a princess to entertain your child’s friends.

Make your own princess tiara: Set up a station where guests can make their own princess tiaras. Set out the base tiara, and provide glitter glue, feathers and plastic gems so that guest can create their own unique tiara to wear and take home with them.

Princess dress-up game: Divide guests into two or three teams. Provide each team with a bucket filled with random dress-up items; this can include feather boas, gloves, dresses, skirts, etc. Set a timer for one minute and have players use the materials in their bucket to create a princess outfit. After the minute is up, have players model their princess creations.

Movie marathon: Ask the birthday child for a small list of princess movies to watch during the party. You could watch Disney movies, such as Sleeping Beauty, Tangled or Frozen.

Cake: Every princess needs a cake worthy of her royal taste buds. You could make or buy a cake shaped like a castle, with the birthday child’s name frosted onto the front. Or you could use a Barbie doll as a base and create a skirt-shaped cake, decorating the cake to look like an elaborate princess skirt.

Decorations: Lots of pink and lots of tulle are the way to go for your princess party. Use pink and silver tableware and silverware, and tie tulle bows to the back of each chair. Create a princess centerpiece using tiaras, magic or bubble wands and princess hats. You can even make an entire castle out of balloons!

Favors: Send each princess home with their tiara and a bag filled with small nail polishes, princess-shaped fruit snacks or other Disney princess-themed novelty items.

For more ideas, visit our Princess Party Pinterest board here.

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