Flower Straws: Cut a flower out of the noodle and stick a straw through it to make your drink fancier.

Light sabers: Create light sabers out of pool noodles with duct tape and black tape.

Caterpillar Counting: Gather together these supplies: pool noodle, sharpie, rope, a pipe cleaner, hot glue gun and googley eyes. Cut the noodle into roughly one-inch pieces. Make sure you have 11 pieces. Use the sharpie to number the pieces up to 10. Add a face to the leftover noodle piece with the eyes and pipe cleaner. Tie a knot on one end of the piece of rope. Have your child help you with putting the numbers on the rope in the correct order.

Create people: Using cut up pool noodles and golf tees, stick together pieces of the noodle to create your very own figurine.

Floating sculptures: Give your child pieces of noodles along with tooth picks. Let them create a beautiful sculpture that will float in the bathtub or in your pool.

Obstacles: Duct tape six noodle rings together. Tape them to a thicker pool noodle to create posts. You can either leave this on the ground as part of an obstacle course, or stand it up on the posts and throw pool noodles through the rings.

Ring toss: Create rings out of noodles. Cut noodles at different heights and stick them into the ground, standing up. Each time the child gets the ring onto the noodle, they get a certain amount of points. The winner gets a special prize.

Painting: Cut the noodle into different shapes and sizes. Let the kids dip the pieces into paint and create their own masterpieces.

Pool Noodle Garland: Cut the pool noodle into strips. Put the strips onto a string to create a beautiful garland to hang either inside or outside around the pool.

Noodle Marble Racetrack: Cut a noodle in half. Lay the two pieces of noodle side by side and stick toothpicks in them to keep them together. Use pliers to bend the end of the toothpicks into the noodle.  Create flags and a finish sign out of cardstock and toothpicks, and put a shoe box at the end to catch the marbles. When you’re finished, grab two marbles and place on the top in the groove to see which ones races down the track first.

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