Ideal for children ages 3 to 8 years, everyone will have so much fun decorating their favorite letter of the alphabet (the one that begins their name, obviously). If your child has a lot of fun with this craft, keep the party going! Print each letter in their name and decorate every single one.

What You’ll Need:

• Alphabet letter templates;

• White tagboard

• Safety scissors

• Glue

• Collage buttons, acrylic gemstones and/or collage beads

• Peel & stick magnet dots


1. Before you start, print out the corresponding alphabet letter template for the first letter in your child’s name

2. Trace the first letter onto the tagboard.

3. For younger children, you may want to cut out the letters beforehand. Have older kids cut out their own letters as part of the activity.

4. Provide your child with a variety of collage materials (buttons, gemstones, beads, etc.) to decorate the letter. Get creative with the embellishments; you can also use multi-colored tissue paper and other colorful crafty bits you find around the house. Encourage them to glue on the collage pieces so that very little tagboard is showing through once they’re done.

5. After allowing the glue to dry, have your child add several magnet dots to the backside of their letters.

6. Display on the refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces – voila!