The vast majority of voters in this country believe that parents should be educating their kids about politics, but only one in five parents say they actually do talk to their kids about it.

That’s the findings of a new national survey released by Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project. The project surveyed more than 1,000 voters nationwide to find out which parental factors influence children’s political views.

Among the survey’s other findings:

• More than half of voters surveyed say it’s important that their children agree with their political views. Ironically, only two in five say their personal political views were influenced by their own parents.

  • Moms are more likely than dads to talk to their kids about politics (62 percent moms vs. 49 percent of dads)
  • Moms are more likely than dads to bring their children with them when they vote (72 percent of moms vs. 50 percent dads always or sometimes bring their child with them to vote)

It’s an interesting poll in a pretty divisive election season, particularly in Massachusetts with the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, and the presidential race between President Obama and Republican challenger and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The Responsibility Project, created by Liberty Mutual, is an online forum that explores the issues of the day and examines decisions that people confront when trying to “do the right thing.”

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