Hero Training Course – Create an outdoor obstacle course for the kids. It is a fun way to entertain the kids as well as make them feel like real action heros!

Invitations – Purchase or create invitations featuring your child’s favorite Marvel characters. Whether you are focusing on just one specific superhero or all, create invitations that will show the theme of the party.

Cookies – Create superhero cookies! Create the faces or even the whole body and let the kids decorate.

Superhero Mask – Create a fun accessory for the kids so they can disguise themselves as their favorite superhero.

Hulk Power Punch – Create a green or blue punch and label it as Hulk Power Punch. It will give the kids the extra boost they need to save the day.

Superhero Changing Station – Create a place at the party that the kids can turn into their favorite superhero. Supply capes for party goers or allow them to bring their favorite costume.

Lego Superheroes – Lego has a set of Marvel Superhero Legos. Let the kids build a city and pretend to be their favorite superhero.

Outdoor City – If it’s warm out, create an outdoor city out of cardboard. Give the little action heros water guns to defend their city.

Favors – Create superhero goodie bags and fill it with all kinds of goodies. If you are going with one superhero theme, create the bag to look like that superhero.

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