Does your child love magic tricks? Is your child always perfoming fun card tricks? Encourage your child’s inner Harry Houdini by throwing a magic-themed party! With some enthusiastic adult participants and the following fun games and ideas, your young magician will be pulling a rabbit out of a hat in no time.

Magic Birthday Party Invitations: Get this party started by creating or purchasing invitations shaped like one of a magician’s many tools! The black top hat is the most iconic symbol, but you could also make invitations shaped like rabbits, wands, capes or playing cards! If you feel like earning a little extra credit, you could make an invitation shaped like a top hat that has a rabbit insert with party details. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas and templates here!

Magic Birthday Party Magic Wands: Dip pretzel rods in dark chocolate. After the chocolate has hardened, dip the ends in white chocolate to create your own magic wands! You can also create magic wands out of fruit by threading grapes, pineapples, strawberries and watermelon along a kabob stick. Use a star-shaped cookie cutter for the watermelon at the top of each wand to give them a truly magical feel!

Magic Birthday Party Bunny Cupcakes: Who says there isn’t a rabbit hiding in this cupcake? Make a simple vanilla cupcake and frost with white buttercream icing. Top the cupcakes with shredded coconut and use fondant to create rabbit ears. Fashion the ears to the top of the cupcake and put them in brown or black cupcake tins. This will give the illusion that the bunny is popping out of the magic hat!

Magic Birthday Party Cake: Why not wow the birthday child with a three-dimensional top hat shaped cake? Follow a recipe for chocolate cake, baking enough layers to give the appearance of a magician’s hat. If you hollow out the inside, you can even create your own rabbit made out of vanilla cake for variety!

Magic Birthday Party Magic Potion: For magic birthday party drinks, combine fruit punch with scoops of strawberry sherbet to create a swirly magical punch! Sprinkle edible glitter in to give it an extra kick. Serve in a glass container with plenty of ice and watch as party guests are amazed by your magic potion!

Magic Birthday Party Entertainment: What would a magic-themed party be without an actual magician? Book an entertainer to wow your party guests with tricks and treats! For the best kids party entertainers in Massachusetts, click here. Trying to bring the magic on a budget? Have an adult dress up as a magician and learn a few card tricks or quarter tricks to impress guests.

Magic Birthday Party Magic Capes: Have each party guest decorate a magic cape. Buy swaths of fabric and provide guests with fabric markers, glitter glue or foam letters. They’re fun to wear at the party and to take home!

Magic Birthday Party Decorations: Welcome guests by hanging a red curtain at the doorway so everyone can make a spectacular entrance! Use decorations such as garland or tablecloths in red and gold, and create fun centerpieces with top hats and wands. Keep the lights dim to create a mysterious feel, and have the birthday child dress up as a magician for the duration of the party.

Magic Birthday Party Favors: Send guests home with their top hats filled with candy and their own magical accessories! These can include bubbles, glitter glue sets or a set of stick-on fake mustaches.

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