Since 1953, Wildwood has flourished as a family-owned and operated summer camp for boys on the secluded shores of Woods Pond in Bridgton, Maine. Our mission is to create a fun, active, educational and safe environment for campers to maximize their social, emotional and personal development. We strive to promote social balance, diversity and positive growth within the Camp Wildwood community. At Camp Wildwood, we pride ourselves on helping campers learn to make choices. Our schedule is designed to allow campers to mix and match from three different types of activities on a daily basis: traditional team sports, individual sports and creative activities. Life long sports, tennis and swimming, show up on the schedule every day to round out every child’s daily routine. At Wildwood, we are more than just a camp. We are a family. The name of every Wildwood camper and counselor is in our lodge, forever embedded in our history. Year after year, former campers return as staff members to share their experiences and pass on the Wildwood legacy. Whether it’s Friday nights at the campfire or junior camp all-star hockey in our one-of-a-kind gymnasium, we are better when we are together.

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318 Wildwood Rd
Bridgton, Maine 04009
United States

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