15 Brimmer Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, United States

The Advent School

15 Brimmer Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, United States


Founded in 1961, The Advent School prepares students pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade to learn with passion, act with courage, and change the world.

Advent is located in Beacon Hill of about 200 children, grades pre-K through 6, Since 1961, The Advent School has stayed true to its founding vision: an urban school whose community reflects the diversity of Boston; a forward-thinking curriculum that inspires and engages a child’s passion for learning; a commitment to social justice; and a culture of collaboration where every child has the confidence to take action in a connected world.


Co-­teachers in every classroom provides the opportunity for an in­-depth understanding of each child as a learner, including strengths and interests, academic readiness, and learning style. Faculty members work closely with the Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL) to differentiate instruction based on their deep understanding of the students in their classroom, through weekly meetings, periodic discussions of each student’s progress, and in-­class observations.
DTL is a team within the school dedicated to the success of students and faculty. DTL supports best practices in teaching and learning; provides professional development resources for faculty; and works with Advent families to find solutions to academic and behavioral challenges. They deliver an exemplary, interdisciplinary, social-justice-oriented academic educational program that inspires and responds to the needs and interests of students.
DTL is comprised of Nicole A. DuFauchard, Head of School; Claire Price, Dean of Students; Gretchen Vice, Dean of Faculty; Erina Spiegelman, Instructional Coordinator; Erik Wormwood, Instructional Coordinator; and Dr. Haneen Haddad, PsyD., School Psychologist.
Occasionally, students require extra help to master their skills in reading, writing, or math. For those who need this support, The Advent School offers one­-on­-one tutoring in reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics. The Dean of Students coordinates tutoring, and a tutor can be recommended based on student personality and need. Our goal in recommending supplemental tutoring is to support the student’s academic growth, and so we work to align tutoring and in­-class goals closely.
Number of students enrolled 200
Student Teacher Ratio 7:1
Annual Tuition Price Range $30,880
Offers financial aid Yes


15 Brimmer Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, United States
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