Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures


Located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains, Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures is a unique primitive summer camp where boys live in tipis and do things that boys did hundreds of years ago. Campers learn to throw tomahawks and atlatls, use a bows and arrows, skin and tan animal hides, make bison jerky, learn survival skills (fire making with flint and steel or bow drills, plant identification, tracking, camouflage), create all sorts of craft items (birchbark baskets, moccasins, rattles), go on hikes, canoe, swim and play lots of games (Buffalo Robe, Stalk the Chief, Wild Men in the Alders and Slack ‘Em — to name a few)!
Through these activities and the slower pace of life in camp, boys naturally develop a deeper respect for the land, an understanding of the interconnection and value of all life, and a sense of personal accomplishment as they learn to live competently in the woods. Through community living and group decision-making, we believe that boys can live and play together in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition.


Additional Information

Gender Boys Only

Minimum Age 10

Maximum Age 14

Camp Dates 1 week: 7/14-7/20 and 8/4 - 8/10 2 weeks: 6/30-7/13 and 7/21 - 8/3 3 weeks: 6/30 - 7/20 and 7/21 - 8/10 4 weeks: 7/14 - 8/10 6 weeks: 6/30- 8/10

Camp Cities Wallingford, VT

Year Established 2000

Camp Director Bruce T. Moreton

Camp Director Email

Camp Capacity 36 per session

Camp Length 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 week options

Costs $824 - $1,200

Financial Aid Offered Some


P.O. Box 479
Wallingford, Vermont 05773
United States

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