Lumos Debate Summer Institute


Lumos Debate is proud to announce its Summer locations this year. Lumos will help your child build communication and critical thinking skills, and improve academic performance!  For more information, call 617-901-4564 or email us at Find locations and dates at:

  • Lots of Fun. All of our speaking activities and debate games are designed to be engaging, active, and fun for the students. This will not feel like school to your child.
  • All our programs have a 6:1 student to teacher ratio. We tailor lesson plans and activities around every student, to make sure the content fits their personality and needs. Our teachers really get to know your child and get to know their learning style.
  • Outdoor time – we take breaks to play capture the flag, soccer, volleyball, and other fun field games. During free time and breaks, we’ll go outside to play capture the flag, soccer, and other fun field games to get our students some exercise and a nice break.
  • Track Record of Success. Lumos students have gone on to win dozens of debate awards, including awards at major national tournaments like the Yale Invitational, UPenn Invitational, Harvard Invitational, and Columbia Invitational.

Your child will leave this program with…

  • Increased confidence in their ideas and speaking ability. The key to public speaking confidence is practice and at Lumos, students will give dozens of impromptu and prepared speeches throughout the two weeks. Again and again, parents tell us that they can see the change in their child from the first day to the last.
  • Mastery of basic argumentation principles. Students will understand how to construct an argument in the claim-warrant-impact format, how to use evidence to support that argument, and how to attack an opponent’s argument.
  • Familiarity with the different speeches in a debate round. These include prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, limited prep time speeches, and the cross-examination sections of the debate rounds.
  • Familiarity with a current events topicAll students will prepare research and write 600 word cases on a current events topic (e.g. “Countries ought to prohibit the production of nuclear energy”, or “The US ought to increase military funding in response to ISIS”, or “On net, social media is more harmful than it is beneficial”).

  For more information, call 617-901-4564 or email us at Find locations and dates at:

Additional Information

Gender Coed

Minimum Age 11

Maximum Age 15

Camp Dates Visit: to see current camp dates

Camp Cities Newton, Lexington, Acton, Andover, Needham

Camp Length 2 Weeks


160 Herrick Road
United States

Hebrew College

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Additional Locations

1154 Great Plains Ave
United States

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59 Worthen Rd
United States

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57 River Rd
United States

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12 Concord Road
United States

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