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iCode is a STEAM-based program that focuses on engaging children from an early age to help develop important life and technology skills that can become key success factors for their ongoing and future careers. We have a very extensive curriculum (400+ hours of instructor-led sessions) that covers a wide spectrum of present-day and future-looking concepts and topics. The structure and delivery of our curriculum find its foundation rooted in AGILE values and principles, which is an industry-standard way of thinking and working today. We have a wide variety of technologies including programming languages like JAVA/Python/Scratch, Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics; we focus on teaching children the essential life skills that will make them productive in their future careers! We are also pleased to note that Dave Thomas, an original signatory of the AGILE Manifesto, is a member of the Advisory Board for iCode. We truly believe that our program and curriculum can make a very positive difference and can complement the school systems curriculum very nicely. You may see iCode around the area since we have a robust program working with many area schools and often participate in the afterschool and continuing education programs. These courses serve as an introduction to the depth and breadth of the curriculum that we teach within our campus.

Why iCode:

  1. iCode prepares students of all ages for tomorrow’s jobs via a rich STEAM curriculum in a futuristic setting
  2. iCode teaches students Cognitive Agility to handle new technologies using creativity & problem solving
  3. iCode teaches students critical thinking and teamwork skills in a collaborative and engaging environment
  4. iCode enables Collaboration amongst students which helps them develop negotiation skills along with emotional intelligence

Minimum Age 5

Maximum Age 18

Location: Wellesley

To schedule a trial class, please contact our Campus Director at 781-291-3131 or send email to wellesley@icodeschool.com

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Additional Information

Gender Coed

Minimum Age 5

Maximum Age 18


73 Central Street
Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482
United States

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  • After School Program, Summer camps, Boot camps, Power hours, Family series, Parents night out, Birthday Parties, Holiday camps,
  • 2019 Boston Parent Family Favorite

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