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At Farm & Wilderness, campers and teens have the woods, lakes, and fields of central Vermont as their playground, classroom, and home. Our camps use more than 4,800 secluded acres.
We live together in simple, wooden cabins and canvas structures tucked in the woods. There is no electricity or running water in the cabins; there are no movies, televisions, computers, or recorded music. Instead, we create our own entertainment, grow some of our own food, tend farm animals, and build our cabins. In choosing to live simply, we build a participatory community that works, plays and sings together.
We explore by hiking, canoeing and rock climbing on trips, sometimes starting right from our back door. We also travel throughout New England and the Adirondacks. Even our youngest day campers will experience an overnight trip. Living and playing in this beautiful place, teens and campers become grounded in the natural world.

Additional Information

Gender Coed

Minimum Age 4

Maximum Age 17

Camp Dates June 30-August 16

Camp Cities Plymouth and Mount Holly, Vermont

Year Established 1939

Camp Capacity 100

Costs $515-$8,675

Financial Aid Offered Yes


  • Farming, gardening, all camp games, carpentry, primitive living skills, cooking, the arts, backpacking, canoeing, swimming, rock climbing, singing, and special events



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Sun: Closed

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Marina K.

2020-01-15 03:48 pm

After trying a number of camps where he had an ok experience my son has found Farm and Wilderness, which, in his own words, has changed his life. I was...

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Kelly D.

2019-09-30 02:04 pm

My son spent his first season at F & W last year and can't wait to go back. For about a week after returning, he insisted on sleeping on his backpacking...

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Barbara E.

2019-06-28 07:01 am

Just spoke with my personal physician who states that it is not clear, other than direct contact with a person's saliva, what the mode of transmission...

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