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Beacon Hill Nursery School was founded nearly fifty years ago and began as a parent cooperative and a community effort. Today, BHNS retains that strong sense of and commitment to the community - the community within its walls, the community within the neighborhood, and ultimately the community at large. Family involvement is an essential element of our program, and every effort holds a unique value, contributing to the foundation, diversity, and strength of our community. A positive atmosphere created by a healthy, supportive community increases the ease with which all learning occurs, and the partnerships between the staff and families benefit our children in ways no other factor may. Throughout the years, the transformation from a parent cooperative to a professionally staffed school has earned BHNS the reputation as an institution of high quality early childhood education. The quality of our staff speaks to the quality of our program, and the myriad of degrees and certifications that are held or being attained affirms our teachers' professional commitment. The excellence of our staff and our curriculum is recognized throughout greater Boston, and over the years, Beacon Hill Nursery School has been the site of student teacher training from various institutions, including Wheelock College, Lesley University, and Fisher College. Beacon Hill Nursery School believes that all children are naturally eager to learn and that its primary mission is to nurture that innate curiosity as it develops into a lifelong love of learning. Children who emerge from their earliest education experiences confident in themselves, empathetic towards others, and respectful of their surroundings will certainly become valuable contributors to their communities. The school's curriculum exposes children to a diverse range of experiences, and with a major city as the setting, the curriculum takes advantage of a wealth of resources. Recognizing that play is the vehicle for young children's learning, our teachers create environments that support and nurture children's curiosity, protect and respect their trust in the adults around them, and understand and utilize the learning opportunities that abound in a child's daily delight in life. Our teachers serve as guides throughout the children's days and as partners with families throughout the year's journey. We invite you to learn more about our school and its community-where children discover the world through play, families are valued for sharing their worlds, and teachers practice their wondrous skills of creating environments that facilitate children's learning. Lucinda Ross, Executive Director

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74 Joy Street
Boston, Massachusetts 2114
United States

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