ABA Services at Boston Behavior Learning Centers


BBLC is committed to providing the highest quality service for the clients and families. Our goal is to help clients reach their fullest potential by improving their independence across all hallmarks of Austism Spectrum Disorder including communication, social and behavioral domains.  

Each client may receive comprehensive, individual, and intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to ensure effectiveness and progress based on their individual needs or targeted ABA treatment to focus on specific areas of chief concern.  Specifically, BBLC uses ABA to develop individualized programs and treatment plans that target cognitive, language, academic or school readiness, behavior management, play, and social skills.  Each individualized program is based on the child’s strengths and challenges.  The goal is to decrease maladaptive behaviors and replace them with adaptive skills that will allow the fullest extent of independence.All goals and objectives are operationally defined and quantified, allowing the team to track each client’s progress. In addition to a record review of a client’s history, criterion-referenced assessments and behavioral checklists may also be used to determine baseline and post-intervention functioning levels, further tracking progress.  This allows for data-based decision making to address the unique needs of each individual client.

Instructional methods used include Discrete Trial Teaching, Natural Environment Teaching, Fluency Instruction and other evidence-based approaches to create a program that meets the needs of each child. Programs not only focus on the acquisition of new skills but the generalization and maintenance of these skills to their natural environment. This will ensure that skills become part of the client’s adaptive behavior repertoire.

We are currently accepting new clients in our center, opened Monday through Friday from 8 - 6 pm, located in Newton, MA.


109 Oak Street
Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts 02464
United States

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