4-H Camp Howe


A great place to meet new friends, learn new skills and to have fun! Camp Howe provides day, overnight and weekly camping programs for persons of all ages with a primary focus on creating a community in which everyone is included and has a sense of belonging. The camping experience is tailored to accommodate the skill level and changing needs of individuals for the purpose of enhancing their experiences, skills, and abilities in a totally inclusive manner. The intent of the program is to make sure that every camper is comfortable and happy with his or her achievements and limitations. Camp Howe promotes respect for and appreciation of the religious, racial, ethnic, social, family structure, ability, sexual orientation and economic diversity by reflecting that diversity in its membership, leadership, and program and by eliminating institutional discrimination in summer camp. The camp program is designed to foster understanding and appreciation of individual differences, group cooperation, and understanding of differing cultural values of the campers and staff. It truly is a camp for all youth! Camp is a community experience that involves people living and playing together and relies on cooperation and good citizenship. We are all different with different skills, physical differences, emotional differences, etc. We believe campers and staff should make every effort to be positive about others. Activities, while fun, are tools for assisting in the personal growth of an individual and the community as a whole.

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557 East Steet
Goshen, Massachusetts 01032
United States

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