Lego Challenge– How many Legos are in the jar? Have the guests guess how many Legos are in the jar. The guest who is the closest wins a special prize!

Party Invitations – Send out Lego themed invitations. You can design an invitation to look like a Lego or include a Lego inside the invitation.

Lego Skyscraper – Give each child a pile of Legos. See how tall they can make their Lego skyscraper before it falls over.

Lego Cars: Have kids “race” to build a miniature Lego car, which they can then play with at the party.

Lego Scavenger Hunt – Hide Legos around the house or outside and have the guests collect them in bags.

Lego Pinata – Fill a piñata with Lego shaped candies or Legos.

Decorate – Make decorations out of Legos for the party, such as names of the birthday boy or girl, silverware or napkin containers and a Lego centerpiece.

Lego Candy Bar: Decorate a candy bar with Lego sets that you build with your child.

Drinking Cups: Draw Lego faces on yellow cups.

Juice Boxes: Cover juice boxes with construction paper, then cut out two circles and glue them on the paper so it looks like a Lego.

Lego Bingo – Create or print a Lego bingo sheet. Use Legos to cover the board and the first one to get Bingo wins a prize.

Goodie Bags – Create goodie bags that the kids can take home that go with the Lego theme. You can create them to look like a Lego or you can draw a Lego face onto the bag. You can fill the bag with different Legos and goodies.

Lego Toss – Tape different color poster board strips together, write 10, 20, 30… on each strip, and give each guest a certain amount of Lego pieces. The guest who gets the most points wins a special prize!

Lego Brownies – Cover the brownies with frosting (color of your choice), cut them in rectangles and add M&M’s of the same color on top of the brownie so it looks like a Lego.

Pin the heart on the Lego –Draw or print out a picture of a Lego character, blindfold the guests and see who can pin the heart in the correct spot.

Lego Pops – This pop is made out of marshmallows. You will need large marshmallows as well as small ones. Stick a small one on the top of large marshmallow, then use yellow edible color mist and edible markers to draw the face on.

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