Where to Ice Skating throughout Greater Boston, Massachusetts and New England

Winter in the Northeast seems to start early and last forever. So rather than hibernate for five months, many Bostonians and New Englanders flock to local ice rinks.

Both indoor ice skating rinks and outdoor ice skating ponds abound throughout Greater Boston.

Compared with skiing, New England's other great seasonal pastime, skating is quick, close and, best of all, cheap!

The thing about ice skating in Boston, Massachusetts and New England is that it doesn't even have to be officially winter (or cold, or snowy) for residents and visitors alike to hit the numerous ice rinks in Boston, Massachusetts and the Northeast.

In fact, a late fall ice skating excursion, before the tourists and the wind and cold descend on Greater Boston, can make for a delightful family excursion.

Whether you want photo-ready ice skating spots filled with festive skaters or rinks where you can actually have some room to glide and learn, here are our picks of where to take to the ice rink this season.