You’ll find fun Halloween party ideas for toddlers and preschoolers, elementary kids and teens featuring the coolest and creepiest decorations, foods and games!

Wacky Worms: Worms are creepy, crawly and delicious in gummy form. Gummy worms are so easy to add to any treat to give it that special Halloween touch. Try a “dirt” cup dessert by layering green gelatin or chocolate pudding as dirt, whipped cream and plenty of worms on top. Or make worm cubes by filling an ice tray with water and worms spilling over the top. When they are frozen place them in drinks to make guests squirm!

Party Plates: Make ordinary paper plates into fun Halloween plates. By choosing certain colors, you can have a base for a character. A square green plate can be Frankenstein. A round black plate can be a spider. Grab some googly eyes, felt, foam, glue, scissors and permanent markers. Use the foam and felt to create details like hair and legs. You can even leave the center of the plate clear for eating.

Glowing Jars: Mason jars and milk jugs make perfect light decorations. Glue tissue paper to all over a Mason jar, then stencil, draw or glue on typical jack-o-lantern faces and place a tea light inside.

Door Decorations: Transform your front door into a scary monster. Use construction paper to create eyes, a nose and mouth so your door has a personality. Take it a step further and use white streamers to create a mummy door.

Teeth Treats: To turn a delicious snack into a mouth with teeth, sandwich mini marshmallows between apple slices. Use peanut butter to make sure they stick!

Puking Pumpkins:! Kids will especially love this. Carve a circle mouth and eyes into a pumpkin. Use the inside of the pumpkin as the “puke.” Just place it right in front of the mouth and even hang a little out of it. You can even use a dip instead of the pumpkin’s insides if you want to spice up your snack table.

Creepy Eyes: Cut eyes into toilet paper rolls, place a glow stick inside and put them on your front lawn. You now have glowing eyes watching the neighborhood.

Handy Candy: Instead of a regular goody bag, use a glove. Fill the glove with candy and use cylinder shaped candies as the fingers.

Hotdog Mummies: Pigs in a blanket get a Halloween update with this snack. Take a hot dog and wrap the dough around it like mummy bandages from top to bottom. Drops of your favorite condiment can be used as eyes.

Cauldron Cooler: Simply drop a green glow stick in the drink cooler and you suddenly have a witch’s cauldron for your Halloween party.

Easiest Ghost Pops: Take a tissue, a lollipop, and a ribbon. Place the tissue over the lollipop. Tie the ribbon right under the base of the pop. Simple and cute! 

Mummy Juice Boxes: Just wrap white tape around a juice box and glue on googly eyes for Halloween party drink boxes.

Frankenstein Marshmallows: Dip marshmallows into melted green candy and then dip the top into black sprinkles for hair. For details like the face, use edible pen.

Witch Hat Ring Toss: Draw black circles onto cardboard. Roll construction paper into a cone for the pointy hats and place them on top of each circle. Glue or tape to secure. Toss rings!

Food Fear Factor: Play fear factor and dare your guests to eat gross food like weird jelly beans, cotton swabs with wax (peanut butter on marshmallow) or guts (applesauce) by drawing choices from a hat.

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