Invitations – Print out Frozen themed invitations online or create your own from scratch.  Check out the link to our Pinterest page below for creative ideas and printouts.

Snowballs – Put out marshmallows for the kids to snack on during dessert as “snowballs.”

Reindeer Noses – Put out bowls of snack sized carrots for kids to eat.

Frozen Cookies – Create themed cookies out of sugar cookies. You can buy different cookie cutters (snowflakes, crowns, reindeers) to go with the theme. Spread blue icing on the tops of the cookies and let the kids decorate them with blue and white sprinkles.

Snowman Arms – Put out a bowl of “snowman arms” or pretzels for the kids to snack on during the party.

Frozen Cake – Every birthday party has to have cake. Make a cake and then cover the cake in blue icing. The decorating is up to you. You can create snowflakes and icicles to put on the cake or even put Frozen figurines on the top.

Frozen Punch – Make or purchase blue punch and serve that to the guests. To make the punch actually look frozen, put lots of ice in.

Treasure Boxes – Collect shoeboxes or purchase small boxes and have guest decorate them as a party favor.

Pin the Nose on Olaf – Create a poster size Olaf and hang on the wall. Blindfold the kids and let them try to pin a paper carrot on Olaf’s nose.

Snowman Game – Split the guests up into teams. Give each team a roll of toilet paper.  Have each team pick someone to wrap up like a snowman. First team to create a snowman gets a special prize. Afterwards, let the kids get into a “snowball” fight with the leftover toilet paper.

Decorating – Create 3D snowflakes out of white paper and hang them around the house. Place blue and white balloons around the room as well to create that frozen feel. If you feel like getting crafty, create a happy birthday banner out of snowflakes and different shades of blue paper to hang.

Crowns & Antlers – Create Elsa crowns and Sven Reindeer Antlers so when the guests arrive, they can pick which one they want to wear.

Music – If you have the soundtrack from the movie, play it while the party is going. You can also play fun musical games like Freeze Dance or Musical Chairs.

Movie Viewing –  Watch the movie! Have guests decorate paper crowns, and give each person bubbles and a glowstick. Instruct guests to hiss every time a bad character appears, blow bubbles when it’s snowing and wave the glowstick when Elsa does her magic.

Check out our Pinterest Frozen Birthday Party Ideas board for even more ideas.