Check out this step-by-step video on how to achieve Anna’s Coronation hairstyle by the design team at Paul Kenneth Salon & Spa in Woburn, Mass.

1. Section the top of the hair off above the ear. Use a comb or brush to smooth it out, then use an elastic to secure it.

2. Section off a small piece on each side of the head and clip each out of the way.

3. Section off a bigger piece on each side (behind the first smaller section), then clip. These will be used for the braids.

4. Braid the hair in the bigger section going up and over the head to avoid bumps. Secure with a clip.

5. Braid the other side up and over in the other direction. Secure with a clip.

6. Place the braids where you would like them, then use bobby pins to pin securely in place.

7. Unclip the front sections one at a time, then smooth it out and use it to cover the ends of the braids. Pin in place in the back of the head.

8. Grab a section of hair in the back which includes the braided ends and front pieces and twist them together, then wrap around and secure it to the crown with several bobby pins.

9. Take the bottom section, secure it with an elastic at the base and roll it in toward the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins.

10. Once the hair is secured, carefully remove any visible elastics.