Writing Like a Parent, Parenting Like a Writer


"Taking care of ourselves, we give ourselves the energy and clarity to take care of our children." ~Julia Cameron It can be hard to balance book babies with *actual* babies. How do creatives find the time and mental energy to continue artistic pursuits when parenting demands so much of both? How do we hold space in our lives for these dual identities of "writer" and "parent"? One way is to use tools from each identity to inform the other. We will explore how other writers and artists have dealt with this issue and talk about our own challenges as parenting writers/writing parents. Through writing exercises and discussion, we'll brainstorm fresh approaches to time management, staying inspired, re-aligning expectations, and being artistic role models for our kids.

Sat January 19, 2019 10:30 am To Sat - January 19, 2019
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Grub Street Inc.

162 Boylston St #5
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
United States

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