Frankenstein & Frankenweenie


Though a few silent film versions had come and gone, it was with director James Whale’s 1931 adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel—via Peggy Webling’s play—that Frankenstein spectacularly registered on the American movie screen. The phenomenal tale of the scientist (played with maniacal theatricality by Colin Clive) who imitates God by bringing to life a sympathetic monster (the subtler Boris Karloff in his most iconic role) was an enormous success both critically and commercially upon its release, eternally crystallizing the classic image of the monster into pop culture and inspiring countless remakes, sequels and imitations. Matching startling sound and visual effects with an eerie German Expressionist style, Whale employed a suspenseful, careful pacing to lead up to a series of shocking events and unforgettable images. Despite the myriad forms the story would take in future decades, Whale’s enthralling yet simple adaptation has never lost its spot as a stunning tour de force of the horror genre. Followed by: Frankenweenie Tim Burton fashioned a quirky, gothic homage to James Whale, which he would expand into a feature-length film in 2012. Age recommendation: 10+

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