1. Mystery Math Town, $2.99

The only way to help a tiny ghost friend save the fireflies in Mystery Math Town is by solving math equations. By navigating through haunted houses, museums and other buildings, your kids can practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Game progress can be saved and you can even create multiple user accounts if you’d like to give it a go yourself. A pleasant backstory and some serious skill-building make a fun experience for ages 6 and up.

2. Dr. Panda’s Supermarket, $1.99

Trips to the grocery store may become more exciting after downloading Dr. Panda’s Supermarket. Kids can be in charge of their own supermarket while building spatial and organizational skills. Mini-games include weighing different vegetables, arranging crates of food, rounding up shopping carts and more. There’s no text involved, which makes the app perfect for 2-6 year olds.

3. Barefoot World Atlas,  $4.99

The learning capabilities in Barefoot World Atlas surely surpass its price tag. This virtual map app allows kids to travel the globe by tapping on different areas of the world.  Certain icons give information about the people, wildlife, places and climates that make up the region. Flags, photos, 3D models and images, and narration create a unique learning experience.

4. The Elementals, free

The Elementals is an interactive periodic table with a twist – each element has its own personality. Tapping each element reveals a different face, its symbol and additional information about it, making the app good for familiarization with the periodic table and even memorization for older kids.

5. Analogy, $0.99

There’s no doubt that analogy exercises enhance cognitive skills. Analogies at all levels in this app challenge kids in analytical thinking, problem solving, memory skills and in creativity. Through words and visuals, kids can fill in the missing piece of each puzzle.