Let’s face it, kids get colds this time of year. While it’s tough to see your child miserable with congestion or a runny nose, try some of these coping strategies:

  • Heat up the chicken soup. It does make kids feel better! The warm liquid helps loosen mucus, making it easier to cough out. Hot water with lemon or hot or cold lemonade with honey are some other options.
  • Invest in super-soft tissues (perhaps even those with moisturizer) for those times when nose-blowing is particularly intense to prevent nostrils from getting raw and sore.
  • Offer popsicles, especially at times when swallowing liquids is difficult, to ensure your child stays well-hydrated.
  • Run a vaporizer in your child’s bedroom or have your child sit in the bathroom while running a hot shower. A warm washcloth applied over the nose and mouth can also be soothing.
  • Distract your child from feeling sick with a quiet activity you like to do together, such as a puzzle, card game or reading stories. Being sick is scary for kids, and your presence gives them some much-needed security and comfort. But be sure to wash your hands often, so you don’t go down for the count!