Normally we’d totally freak out if we spotted a mouse in our house, but this Halloween craft is just too cute to be scary. This activity is perfect for children aged 5 to 8 years, with some help from an adult, of course. And it will look absolutely adorable sitting on your mantel or among your other autumnal decorations.

What You’ll Need: 

• Pumpkins

• Pumpkin carving tool

• Twigs

• Dried leaves

• Hot glue gun or craft glue

• Faux mice


1. You don’t need to find the most perfectly round pumpkin, in fact, the more oddly shaped the better.

2. To make the houses, cut holes in the pumpkins for the door and windows using your carving tool. This is a job best fit for an adult, but let your child map out where they’d like the spaces to go with pencil or marker.

3. Break your twigs until they’re all similar in length, proportional to the holes. Glue twigs together to make the window frames, shutters, doors and ramps.

4. To attach the twig accessories, insert the twig ends into the pumpkins and glue to secure.

5. Scatter dried leaves around the base of each pumpkin house. Add your friendly woodland creatures to complete the scene.

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