Halloween is that time of the year to be creative and crazy. If you’re tired of the same old Halloween costumes at the store then try making your own. Your child will have a one of a kind costume with these DIY Halloween costumes for kids and you’ll get to show off your skills.

Firefighter: Make a classic costume with your own personal touch. You can use supplies from around the house or grab a couple of things from the craft store. Oxygen tanks can be made from soda bottles, paint a box to make a truck, khaki shorts and a t-shirt for a casual fireman look and don’t forget the hat and boots!

Pretty Flower Pot: This costume is really cute and colorful. Find a bucket big enough for your child, cut the bottom out so they can fit inside. Make sure the edges aren’t sharp! Hold the bucket up with rope and wear it like suspenders. Glue a bunch of fake flowers all around the inside. Even add a flowery headband.

Where’s Waldo: One of the easiest and silliest costumes. You just need a red and white striped sweater with a matching hat, round fake glasses and jeans. If you want to kick it up a notch, add a bunch of supplies like flashlights, a backpack and binoculars to make it look like Waldo is really lost.

Cruella De Vil: Turn your little one into this cruel Disney villain. For the outfit, a simple black dress, a “fur” coat (a white or black jacket with spots taped on), black gloves, and lots of beaded white necklaces will do the trick. Add finishing touches with red shoes and a half black and half white wig. For makeup, go for a bright red lip and scary thin black brows. If it’s chilly out add some white tights.

Hula Girl: This may be one of the simplest and quickest costumes you can make. All you need is a bathing suit, a grass skirt and leis. If it’s chilly, opt for a long sleeve shirt and nude tights.

Superheroes: A simple no sew superhero costume will look totally cool and you won’t have to do much work. Grab some felt, ribbons, glue sticks and glue guns. Use a piece of felt large enough to fit over your child’s body with a hole cut out of the top for their head.  Keep the front and the back of the costume together with ribbon. Use the felt to make a mask and the emblem of the superhero you’re making for the middle of the costume. Don’t forget to buy the right colors according to the superhero!

Carl from Pixar’s Up: A totally unique but recognizable costume that will look adorable on your child is the old man from the movie Up. Find some “grandpa” looking clothes in children’s sizes. Things like a cardigan, sweater vest, dark corduroy or khaki pants, a bow tie, suspenders and wire-framed glasses are all good options. Make a really simple walker with PVC pipe and add tennis balls at the bottom. Finish it off with a bunch of colorful balloons tied to the walker or back of your child.

Fluffy Lamb: You’re going to love how easy this DIY Halloween costume  for kids is. A black long sleeve shirt and black pants are the base for this costume. Next, glue a TON of white cotton balls or pom-poms all over a white leotard or one-piece bathing suit to go over the shirt. Keep gluing until you feel it looks like a fluffy lamb. Do the same for a white hat. The puffier, the better. For the ears, cut black felt into the shape you desire and glue them onto the hat. That’s it!

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