What You’ll Need:

• Pencil template;  tinyurl.com/nreybx5

• Jumbo colored craft sticks

• Colorful tagboard

• Construction paper – 9 x 12 inches (black and pink)

• Glue

• Washable broad-tip markers

• Ribbon or string

Here’s How:

1. Print and cut out the pencil template. Trace the shape onto sheets of yellow tagboard.

2. Select four craft sticks of the same color. (This will be the color of the pencil.) Glue one craft stick to the top center of the template, leaving room at one end for the eraser and at the other end for the pencil point. Have your child glue the other three craft sticks below the first one.

3. Cut a small black triangle from construction paper and glue it to the tip of the template to make the pencil point. Your child can also attach an eraser shape in pink paper.

4. Use markers to write the message “Homework Time” on craft sticks.

5. Glue ribbon to the back of the sign to form a loop to hang from a doorknob.