Are you looking for a clever way to package your kids’ snacks in their lunch bags? Butterfly snack bags are simple to craft and will make snacking on treats fun for kids of all ages! Check out the video on how to make butterfly snack bags.

What You’ll Need

* Glue

* 2 googly eyes

* Clothespin

* Pipe cleaner, any color

* Scissors


1. Make the butterfly’s antennae. First, take the clothespin and stick the pipe cleaner through the metal hole in the clothespin. Center the pipe cleaner, then twist it around to secure it onto the clothespin. This will prevent the pipe cleaner from slipping off the clothespin. When you are done, cut the pipe cleaner to the desired length.

Optional: Use markers to color or make designs on your clothespin.

2. Twist, curl or zig-zag the pipe cleaner to form a fun shape for the butterfly’s antennae.

3. Next, glue on the googly eyes. Place a small dot of glue on the back of each googly eye, then secure the googly eyes to the butterfly clothespin. Let the googly eyes dry completely so they don’t slide off when attaching the snack wings on to your butterfly.

4. Fill up two bags with your child’s favorite snacks. Twist the bag shut before clipping each with the clothespin. Butterfly snack bags are perfect for school snacks, car trips and after-school activities.

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Rebecca Schwartz is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.