Dinosaurs have been extinct for roughly 65 million years, but these roar-tastic reptiles have never really gone out of style. With the resurrection of the Jurassic Park movie phenomenon with the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, the big guys are back in the spotlight, which means dinosaur parties are enjoying quite the resurgence. If your little one has a fondness for fossils and has his or her sights set on a Jurassic World dinosaur party, check out these fun theme ideas to make it interactive.

Dinosaur Party Game: Dig for Fossils – Turn your sandbox into a place for the kids to dig for fossils.  Put different dinosaur “bones” in the sand and give the kids paint brushes to look for bones with. If you have a colored sandbox, put a tan or cream colored sheet around the rim to make it look like sand. For bones, you can either craft them yourself if you’re handy with paper mache or check nearby museum stores  or online retailers who may be stocked with some.

Dinosaur Party Decorations: Create a Jungle – If you are planning on cleaning up the bushes and trees outside before the party, keep the clippings! The branches make for fun decorations and bring your dinosaur party to life. Put them on tables, walls and lining the driveway and walkway.

Dinosaur Party Hats – Purchase green, yellow, even orange party hats at the dollar store. Cut spikes out of construction paper and hot glue to the hat. Allow the hats to completely dry.

Dinosaur Party Lollipops – Check out your local craft store for dinosaur molds.  Fill the molds with chocolate. It makes for a great addition to the dessert table and the kids can even take a few home as their favor.

Dinosaur Party Herbivore Cups – Keep some of the snacks healthy to keep the herbivores in mind. Use clear plastic cups and add veggies, like carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes, to each. Add a little extra flavor with a dollop of ranch dressing at the bottom of each.

Dinosaur Party Invitations – Give your dinosaur party invites some Jurassic World flare without breaking the bank. Trace dinosaur shapes onto construction paper and cut them out. Use clever wording, inviting guests to join you for a “dino-mite” time.

Dinosaur Party Food – Get cute with your food spread. Pretzels can serve as dinosaur bones. M&M’s, jelly beans or even donut holes will look like dinosaur eggs. Bugles make the perfect dinosaur claws. Since kids are typically eating on the run at birthday parties (if they’re eating at all), put out bags of “Triceratops Trail Mix” (poured from a bag of Chex Mix if you’re short on time) so kids can grab and go.

Dinosaur Party Craft: Binoculars – For this birthday party adventure, you will need your binoculars to look for treasure. They are super simple to make and you can incorporate the party colors as well as the dinosaur theme.  For this you will need empty toilet paper rolls or an empty paper towel roll cut in half, your choice of colored paper, glue, a hole punch and ribbon. Glue paper onto the roll and let dry. Once dry, punch a hole into the sides to tie ribbon through each to keep the two rolls together. Feel free to add whatever details you want to each set of binoculars. Dinosaur stickers and other accoutrement will allow each party guest to personalize their own.

Dinosaur Party Cupcakes – To add that dinosaur feel to your cupcakes, crush up chocolate sandwich cookies and cover the top of the cupcakes. Put a few “dinosaur eggs” on the top to make it look like a dinosaur’s nest. For the eggs, you can use different round candies such as jelly beans, M&M’s or anything else of your liking.

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