Participate in infant memory research - $20 compensation!


We are currently recruiting families with 5 to 6-month old infants for a visual memory study, and 18 to 21-month old toddlers for a language development study. We offer $15-20 for participation (depending on the study), free parking, a certificate of appreciation and a small gift for your child. Visits are at the Infant Cognition Lab at UMass Boston. Your appointment will typically take about 30 minutes, and testing itself takes less than 10 minutes. Most of the time is spent making sure you and your child feel comfortable, and answering any questions you may have. Your child will sit on your lap and watch a short animation, where colored shapes appear or animals and disappear on the screen. A Tobii T120 eye tracker keeps track of which objects your child finds most interesting. For more information about us and our studies, visit our website ( Also feel free to call Marisa at 617-287-6363, or email ICL at



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