Multiple Choice

by Martha Singleton

Multiple Choice Finding The Best Answer For Your Child's Education by Martha Singleton Image

Finding The Best Answer For Your Child's Education

Martha Singleton is a parent, an experienced mentor to young families, and one of the country’s most respected high school journalism teachers.

Because no one answer is always right or always wrong for every child!

When it comes to educating their kids, parents need to know that between home school, private Christian school, or public school, there’s no one right answer.

To be fair, I'm not sure why only these three general education types were chosen. Home school is well covered. Public school is self explanatory. But the diversity of private education is such that it is a great disservice to lump them all under "private Christian school". Independent private schools abound. Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Islamic and on and on fills an entire niche of Faith Based Schools. Montessori, Waldorf, IB and many other educational philosophies are also under served by this section. Overall, there are some very good questions posed to parents, but parents would highly benefit from a broader search.

As a practical guide in making that all-important decision, Multiple Choice helps parents assess each child’s learning style and their family’s goals for education. It objectively examines both the benefits and drawbacks of each form of schooling. Interviews with education professors, teachers, parents, and students who have participated in each venue combine to make this an engaging guide for parents as they make important choices for their child’s future.

An easy read, this book includes tips and ideas for things parents can do at home to increase the effectiveness of their child’s education, sources for further reading, and guiding questions. Multiple Choice empowers parents to make informed decisions and to be effectively engaged in their child’s learning and spiritual growth on a daily basis.



"Martha Singleton has once again given voice to parents, children, and educators with this brilliantly crafted and beautifully articulated guide to finding the right balance of individual choice and collective good in making education decisions." -Dr. Tony L. Talbert, University Fellow, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Professor, School of Education, Baylor University

"Multiple Choice is a must-read for parents who want the best education for their child. Her warm writing style, unbiased approach, and terrific depth of insight will empower parents to find the best answer for their child's education." -Cheri Fuller, former Oklahoma Mother of the Year and author of numerous books, including Raising Motivated Kids

"Multiple Choice by Martha Singleton provides thoughtful and practical ways to help parents answer the question, “How should we educate our child?” This book points out important things to consider, such as knowing your why and your child’s individual needs. It also includes comprehensive information about different kinds of schooling choices. This information, along with numerous examples and resources, will help parents in the decision-making process." -Dr. Barbara H. Davis, Professor Emeritus, College of Education, Texas State University

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