A Multi-Port Charger Perfect for Travel

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Laptop, got it. Tablet, got it. Smartphone, got it. Backup phone charger, got it. Camera, got it … the list of travel tech accessories goes on and on. But every piece of tech you bring means another USB cable and outlet. That’s why the ChargeHub is brilliant. The multi-port hub (it comes in 3-port, 5-port and 7-port configurations) lets you charge anywhere from three to seven devices via USB all at the same time.

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ChargeHub Review

Price and Where to Buy the ChargeHub: Starting at $30 on Amazon and ChargeHub’s website.

How the ChargeHub Rates:

Usefulness: 10/10. ChargeHub is extremely useful for anyone who travels with lots of devices. I never need to worry about making sure all my devices are charged, and it means I pack fewer outlets and cords. Plus, the travel case and international kit (sold separately) let me take the hub anywhere.

Value: 9/10. Chargers can be expensive, especially ones that hold up well and don’t fry your devices. At $30, the ChargeHub is on the moderate side, but saves you money on plugs and adapters.

Portability: 9/10. While the hub is a little bulky (though much less so than the number of USB chargers you would need to bring to match it), the travel case keeps everything organized.

Cool Factor: 9/10. A charging station might not be the coolest thing out there, but you can customize your ChargeHub to fit your style. Choose from two different shapes and upload a photo or design to customize your port. Or, you can select one of the eight color options from the store.

Final Verdict: If you find yourself packing more outlets and cords than clothes, the ChargeHub is for you. The multi-port device is ideal for those who travel with a lot of tech and equipment. If most of your devices are charged via USB, I would recommend the ChargeHub for office and travel use.

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