Here’s a list of the best neighborhoods to trick or treat in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Wellesley Hills, Wellesley

This is a great neighborhood for young kids due to little traffic. Walk down the quiet streets and admire the spooky decorations as you fill up your candy bag!

Pickney and Mount Vernon Streets, Beacon Hill

Each year, both streets are closed down to traffic to make sure all trick-or-treaters are safe.  It’s a safe way for kids to hang out with friends and get some candy! Rumor has it some houses hand out full-sized candy bars!

Beals Street and North Brookline Neighborhood, Brookline

This is another great area for young trick-or-treaters due to very little traffic at night. Beals Street is often closed down to traffic to let the kids run from house to house.

Brattle Street, Cambridge

Brattle Street is known for the big houses and decorations. It’s also known for the full-sized candy bars they hand out every year!

Marlborough, Dartmouth and Clarendon Streets, Back Bay

Back Bay tends to shut down several streets to making this spooky night a little bit safer for the kids.  The Clarendon Street Playground holds an annual Halloween party with sweets, food and fun activities. There’s also a good chance of getting full sized candy bars in these areas!

Hanover Street and Beyond, North End

The North End is a great area for families on Halloween. Many businesses join in and hand out treats to the kids who dressed up. Watch out for the creepy graveyards!

Melville Avenue, Dorchester

This is a great neighborhood to trick or treat in that many people don’t even know about. It’s tucked away so it’s safe and quiet. It’s also known to attract a lot of trick-or-treaters so it may be crowded.

East and West Broadway Streets, South Boston

You won’t leave this neighborhood to trick or treat in Boston without a bag that’s overflowing with candy! Houses and businesses open their doors to the happy trick-or-treaters each year.

Minot Beach, Scituate

Make sure to head to the shops at the Harbor first for a Halloween party that is put on by the businesses.  Afterwards, head over to Minot – it’s the best neighborhood to trick or treat in Scituate!

Phillips House, Salem

Join in the fun for the Tricks, Treats and Treasure event. Watch the singing Salem pirates as you collect all your goodies at this fun Halloween event in Salem.

Powder Point/King Cesar, Duxbury

This is a great loop to trick or treat in Duxbury.

Springfield Street, Somerville

This neighborhood to trick or treat in Somerville is right around the Somerville/Cambridge line and is usually filled with trick-or-treaters.  Admire the spooky decorated houses on this festive street.

Orchard Street, Somerville

Take a walk down to Orchard Street to check out  the costumes and fill your bag with candy. This is a very popular street and is usually packed with the best dressed trick-or-treaters every year.

Auburn Mall, Auburn

The mall holds an annual Halloween party with treats, crafts and activities. Dress up with your kids and trick or treat around the fun and frightening shops, if you dare!

Carroll Hill Estates, Charlton

This neighborhood is known for its spooky houses and quiet streets. If you’re looking for one of the best towns to trick or treat in Massachusetts, this is near the top of the list.

Overlook Ave., Woburn

Take a walk down Overlook Ave. and check out the spooky houses and their decorations. Many of the houses pass out full-sized candy bars, so we’ve heard!

Do you have a favorite neighborhood to trick or treat in Boston or surrounding areas? Let us know in the comments section.

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