Halloween is about two things – dressing up and candy! What could be better? However, if your child has a food allergy, it can be difficult going door-to-door knowing that they can’t eat any of it. This year, pass out candy that almost everyone can eat! This list of the best candy for allergies does not contain the top eight food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, fish, eggs, soya and shellfish). You can even have two bowls of candy: one for kids who don’t have allergies (see our “Best Halloween Candy” article) and one bowl of candy for kids who do have allergies.

Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks are a great treat for kids because they usually have different themes, such as Angry Birds and Disney characters. They are a great option for kids with allergies – just remember to brush your child’s teeth well after eating!


Smarties are famous for being “America’s favorite candy roll” and celebrated their 64th anniversary this year. For a special treat, add it to your child’s lunch bag (and maybe even your own!).


Sugar wafers are always a hit! They are delicious and there are so many wafers in a pack!

Hot Tamales

Does your child love hot candy? This is the perfect candy for them. Spice up your candy bag this year with Hot Tamales! Kids will love the hot, cinnamon flavor and it also will not cause an allergic reaction.

DOTS Gumdrops

Dots are a classic candy that children with allergies can enjoy. This chewy, cone shaped treat is available in a variety of flavors. The original DOTS are a mix of fruit flavors while the new Tropical DOTS offer five exotic fruit flavors.

Pixie Sticks

If you are looking to give your kids a sugar rush, this is the perfect treat for them! They were originally sold as drink mixes but when the company found out kids were eating the mix without adding water, they revamped their idea! Enjoy one of the many tasty flavors. Pixie sticks are also safe for kids who have any of the eight food allergies.

Ring Pops

Make a fashion statement with these delicious, long lasting gems. They come in many different flavors and colors, such as cotton candy, cherry, bubble gum, strawberry, watermelon  and more! 


Starburst make our list for best candy for allergies. These little squares  are packed with juicy flavor.  Available in Original, FaveReds, Tropical, Very Berry and Fruity Slushies.

Sour Patch Kids

If your child has an allergy and enjoys sour candy, Try this popular treat that you will make funny faces while eating. These sour but sweet treats are delicious and come in many different flavors.

Soft Peppermint Chews

If your child loves peppermint this is the perfect Halloween sweet! Available in a variety of mint flavors.

Jolly Rancher

If your child is old enough to suck on a hard candy, Jolly Ranchers are a great candy for kids with allergies. With classic and new flavors available.

Jelly Beans

Don’t let the size fool you. Jelly Beans may be small, but their flavor packs a huge punch. This is a popular candy for allergies. Eat one flavor at a time or try several to create a different flavor combination .

Mike & Ikes

This classic candy is always a crowd pleaser with adults and children. Watch this chewy, gummy and always delicious candy disappear when you hand them out this Halloween!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Share your top picks in our comments section!

Always check the label to make sure there are no ingredients that may cause harm to your child with allergies.