It’s always fun to hang out with friends and play games. Below is a list of easy, fun balloon games for kids. Grab you friends and start playing!

Balloon Dart Board – This is a perfect game for a party or just hanging out in the backyard. Blow up different color balloons and staple the tie to a board (careful not to pop it). Set up teams or play alone and enjoy popping balloons!

Balloon Tennis – Create a tennis racquet out of paper plates and Popsicle sticks. Blow up a few balloons and begin your tennis match!

Pop the Balloon – Have each player tie a balloon to a leg on a loose string so the balloon drags behind.  Take the kids to a large room or the backyard that has a lot of space to run around. The goal of the game is to pop the other player’s balloon.  Once the balloon is popped, the player is out of the round. It is a fun and loud way for the kids to run off some energy!

Don’t Drop the Ball – Blow up a balloon and have two kids put the balloon in between them at their hips. The goal of the game is to walk from one side of the room to the other. If the balloon drops, they have to start over!

Keep It Up – This game is a classic. The object of the game is to keep the balloon in the air.  Whatever you do, don’t let it touch the ground.

Squish the Sharks – This is the perfect game for the pool. Create sharks by drawing faces on different size balloons. Fill the pool with water and throw the balloons in. Have the kids try to sit on the balloons to pop them. The player who squishes the most sharks wins a special prize.

Balloon Soccer – Divide the kids into different teams. Assign each team a different color balloon.  Each team will have an area as their goal. Tie the players’ hands behind their backs and watch as the teams try to get all of their color balloons into their goal by bumping or blowing their balloons. The team who finishes first wins.

Hot Potato – Have the players sit in a circle. Turn music on and the players have to pass the balloon around as fast as they can. Whoever is holding the balloon when the music stops is out of the round. Play until there is only one player left holding the balloon.

Scavenger Hunt – Create a fun scavenger hunt for the kids by putting clues inside of balloons before blowing them up. Create a list of clues. The kids will have to pop the balloon to figure out the next clue. The player or team to get all of the items on the list will win a special prize.

Balloon Fortune – Perfect game for a children’s birthday party or get together. Before blowing the balloons, write down different fortunes. Fill the balloons up with air and toss them into the air. Have each child pick out a balloon, then pop it to read the fortune.

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