At Home S.T.E.M. Activities


Paper or plastic cups make great tools for curious young builders, scientists and mathematicians. Make structures by stacking the cups pyramid-style or arrange them on the floor to form geometric shapes and patterns. With imagination added in, they can provide hours of fun. To nurture little one’s natural curiosity, have them make predictions, such as “sink or float” or “magnetic or not?” Then test them out.


This is fizzy fun. You’ll need sandwich bags, paper towels, baking soda, vinegar and water. Tear a paper towel into squares and add 11/2 tbsp. of baking soda to the center, then fold the sides in to make a packet. Pour a half cup vinegar and quarter cup warm water into your bag. Toss the baking soda packet into the mixture and close quickly. Give it a shake and then stand back to watch it pop.


Kick off an interest in engineering for kids with simple activities that are a whole lot of fun and produce very different results from child to child, like the Straw Tower Challenge. Collect 10 straws (and only 10 – we mean it!) and some washi tape. Prompt your kids to build with the straws in a way that will produce the tallest tower possible. Secure straws together using the washi tape, then use a yard