Wiggly-Eyed Glitter Fish Craft

This summer it might feel as though your own kids are little fish, taking any and every opportunity to enjoy the closest pool or beach while the weather is warm. For that very reason there’s no better time to get in the spirit of the sea with your crafting as well and this Wiggly-Eyed Glitter Fish, courtesy of, fits the bill. It’s great for kids 3-7 years old and the sky is truly the limit in terms of how your child wants to decorate her sea creature. So jump in and make a splash with these fun fishies. P.S. They also make a great craft for beach-themed birthday parties.


What You’ll Need:


• Scissors


• Art tissue paper


• Jumbo colored craft sticks


• Tacky glue


• Wiggly eyes


• Jumbo glitter painters (get a mix of different colors for variety)


• Washable broad-tip markers


• Collage or paper bowl (optional)


• Paintbrush (optional)




1. Before you start, cut a piece of tissue paper into a 4-inch square so it’s ready for your child to use.


2. Make gluing easier by pouring a small amount of glue into a collage or paper bowl. Use a paintbrush for spreading the glue onto the craft.


3. Arrange craft sticks into the shape of a fish and glue the sticks in place.


4. Glue the tissue paper square to the back of the craft sticks so it fills the middle of the fish.


5. Decorate the fish with the craft materials! Once dry, this “fish out of water” will glitter brightly!

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24 Jun 2016